Graphite Heating Film

What is plate heater?

The Graphite heating film of ECO GREEN CO., LTD. was produced in the way of impregnating first graphite on woven fabric made with heat-resistant polyester and cotton fiber and then applying insulation-coating to PE, PET, and TPU. The heating material features excellent heating effect and safety, and emits a massive amount of far-infrared rays which activate cell tissues in our body and facilitate metabolism to prevent adult diseases.
The graphite fiber heating element can be applied to any areas necessary for heating, such as construction heating system, bedding, sauna, drying and growth & development of agro-fishery product, and industrial areas. In addition, semi-permanently useable and heating efficiency is more economical in contrast to other heating products.

Production Process

  • 01. Graphite conductive compound

    manufacture conductive carbon compound with a certain resistance by using graphite and carbon black

  • 02. Cotton weaving

    Prepare the woven fabric: Prepare the woven fabric with blended cotton and heat resistant polyester fibers and copper strip at each end.

  • 03. Carbon solution making

    mix pigments at a proper ratio, cure the mixture 12 hours; and pulverize to nano particles with the use of dynomill

  • 04. Carbon impregnation

    impregnate carbon compound in cotton fabrics and then dry

  • 05. Insulation coating

    Complete the heating element with Insulation coating with PE, PET, and TPU by molding coating technique

  • 06. Completion

    finished product for heating, mats, fomenting, and industrial purpose