Graphite Heating Film

Building Heating

What is a graphite heating film for construction heating?

Spacial heating is available with graphite heating film system by far-infrared radiant heat contrast to the existing boiler system and general electric heating system transmit heat only to the floor.
The product is a thin and light film type. Therefore, it features simple construction process, a short construction period, easy transport and installation. In addition, it is economic heating system with low heating cost compared to oil cost.

Construction Scope

  • -Households, Apartments, Pensions, Town Halls
  • -Stores, Restaurants, Cafes
  • -Public Offices, Schools, Private Institutes, Kindergartens, Child Care Centers, Research Rooms
  • -Accommodation, Offices, Hospitals, Postnatal Care Centers, Sauna, Nursing Centers

Cross-sectional diagram of construction

  • Laminated floor construction
  • Tiles and floor carpet construction

Features & Advantages

Spatial heating with far-infrared radiant heat

Use pure energy of electricity

Easy construction & maintenance

Remarkable saving of heating cost

Excellent safety and durability

Facilitation of blood circulation and metabolism

Construction Procedure

  • 01. Preparation before installation

    Check the electricity capacity of the place for installation and clean the place before construction.

  • 02. Attachment of insulation material

    Select and apply a proper insulation depending on the floor conditions and finishing materials.

  • 03.Installation of graphite heating film

    Considering the length of the installation space and the capacity of a thermostat, cut and install the graphite heating film. The cross-section should be insulated with an insulation tape after cutting.

  • 04. Installation of thermostat

    Install a thermostat in consideration of the capacity and specification and power on. Insulation and water-proof treatment should be applied to wire connection parts.

  • 05. Test-operation & Inspection

    After completion, test a resistance and a current, and check the heating state of the graphite heating film and of wire connection parts.

  • 06. Finishing

    Apply a finishing material.