Graphite Heating Film


[Change in the body temperature by far-infrared ray]
[Far-infrared radiation Test Report]
Far-infrared ray emission rate: 91.4%

What is far-infrared ray?

Far-infrared ray is the ray with long wavelength (over 25㎛) among infrared rays. The graphite fiber heating element can be applied to any areas necessary for heating, such as construction heating system, bedding, sauna, drying and growth & development of agro-fishery product, and industrial areas. In addition, semi-permanently useable and heating efficiency is more economical in contrast to other heating products.

Features of far-infrared ray

Far-infrared ray is invisible and get absorbed well into substances. It features strong resonance and vibration for organic compound particles.
With far-infrared’s strong penetration force, its heating effect increases alpha waves in the deep inside of the body thus alleviate stress, expand capillaries to help out blood circulation and cell tissue creation, and facilitate metabolism to increase immunity and natural healing power. [source: Doosan Encylopedia]

Why is far-infrared ray helpful to the human body?

If a light ray has a short wavelength, it reflexes when hitting an object. If a wavelength is long, a light ray is absorbed well. Far-infrared rays have strong penetration so it makes the human body warm. People hardly feel warm under the water with 30℃, whereas can feel warm by sunlight at the same temperature. That is because far-infrared ray in sunlight penetrates the deep inside of skin and generate heat. In particular, it has strong penetration to organic compounds of water and proteins like the human body. Therefore, once absorbed in the human body, far-infrared shakes cells 2,000 times in a minute to activate cell tissues.

Thermal Effect

Wet & Dry action

Aging action

Neutralizing effect

Self-purification function

Resonant action