Graphite Heating Film

Product Specification

Product Name Graphite heating film
Product Materials Graphite, Black Carbon, Heat-resistant Polyester+Cotton+Copper Strip, etc.
Coating Materials PET, PE (for building heating) TPU (for electric mats)
Size Various sizes for heating including 1700, 1300, 1000, and 650mm; supporting many other different designs (30-1500mm)
Power Consumption 200W/㎡ for construction heating, 300W/Q(2000X1400, 1400X1600) for heating mats; for other products, power consumption can be adjusted.
Rated Voltage AC220V, 100~110V(for export) Various range of DC 3.7~48V available.
Temperature range 30~60℃ for heating and mats; various temperature setting for other products available
Remark Customized design production and development or special products can be produced by consultation

Specification of Graphite heating film

Product Name Width (mm) Length (mm) Power Consumption Thickness
Graphite heating film 220V (200V) 1,700 1,000 400W±10% 0.8~0.9mm
1,500 1,000 300W±10%
1,300 1,000 260W±10%
 1,000 1,000 220W±10%
650 1,000 130W±10%
Graphite heating film 110V (100V) 900 1,000 200W±10%
600 1,000 120W±10%
Graphite heating film DC 24V 600 1,000 100W±10% 0.8~0.9mm
600*2 1,000 200W±10% 0.8~0.9mm

※ Other product with different specification can be produced on request.