Graphite Heating Film

Features and Advantages of Plate Heater

Far-infrared radiant heating

A massive amount of far-infrared emitted by the graphite heating film makes the deep inside of body warm. The heat transmission method is based on radiation, not on convection and conduction. Therefore, it is possible to make the whole space (the whole room including the floor) warm.

Energy efficiency

The high density of heating part help to make even heat distribution for excellent heat efficiency. The product also supports partial heating for energy saving when it is not used.

Simple installation & maintenance

The product is a thin and light film type. Therefore, it features simple construction, a short construction period, easy transport and installation, no requirement of boiler room, and no risk of freezing and rupture.

Inexpensive maintenance cost

Maintenance costs is low. For heating, less expensive electricity than oil is needed. Therefore, the product can save over 60% of heating cost more than oil boiler. Since liquid molding coating technique is applied, the product is not oxidized and can be used semi-permanently.

Eco-friendly wellbeing product

The pure energy of electricity is used, so that there is no smoke pollution and noise. The far-infrared ray generated by the product helps to speed up blood circulation and metabolism therefore activate cell tissues. The anti-bacteria and damp-proof functions of the product control proliferation of molds and cause no harmful factors like sick-house-syndrome.