“ECO GREEN Co., Ltd., is specialized in wellbeing heating products
for nature, the environment, and people
With the development of eco-friendly heating products rather than oil and gas heating products, from 2011, ECO GREEN laid the new foundation for the heating industry. Thinking of nature and the environment, the company has produced heating elements using Graphite, and successfully solved the problem of existing carbon films.
Based on the technology and no-how accumulated before the official establishment, ECO GREEN developed the technology of generating far-infrared rays helpful to the human body. With the technology, the company has been supplying excellent products in numerous areas, such as floor heating, ceiling heating, heating vests, heating mats, heating gloves, and far-infrared ray sauna, growing to the leader of the new industry in Korea.
To become the world's best heating product enterprise, ECO GREEN enhances its global competency for overseas markets and puts its most effort to open a new market by designing customized products and developing minimum power consumption technology. ECO GREEN will jump up to be a best leading company in the world by securing efficient management system and raising human resources.
CEO Jeon Chan-ik